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Boost your confidence with Botox® for wrinkles and excess sweating

Dr. Ronald A. Krueger has been administering Botox® longer than any other provider in Snohomish County, Washington. Dr. Krueger attended the first National Institutes of Health Conference on the revolutionary injectable treatment in the early 1990s. He brought it to the greater Seattle region in 1999. 

Dr. Krueger and nurse consultant Phyllis Pollock have consistently demonstrated an innovative and pioneering spirit, debuting new techniques and even launching a line of products, KRx Medical Skincare. So, patients who turn to Krueger Aesthetics in Mukilteo have peace of mind that their safety, health, and appearance are in exceptional and skilled hands. Also, our focus on quality skin care allows us to get the most out of a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments available at our office, including Botox®.

How Botox® works 

Botox® is a type of neuromodulator. Other neuromodulators include Jeuveau® (marketed as the “Newtox”). These products are formulated to block the nerve signals that tell muscles to contract. When injected precisely into targeted areas, Botox® relaxes those specific muscles responsible for expression lines, such as crow’s feet around the eyes, frown lines between the eyes, and forehead lines. For migraines and hyperhidrosis, Botox® blocks the pain signals and the impulses that activate sweat glands, respectively. 

The process

Botox® may be used for “prejuvenation” to support smooth, youthful-looking skin. Or, it may be used to improve the appearance of moderate to severe expression lines. As skin loses its firmness and elasticity, dynamic lines present when we squint or frown become static. The lines are a permanent fixture, present even when our face is resting. Our injectors get natural results due to our exact planning. We map out the precise locations and amounts of Botox® that are necessary to soften wrinkles, not to freeze your face. We verify that Botox® is working as intended two weeks post-injection at a complimentary follow up.   Then, we invite our patients back three to four months after treatment. We can refer to each patient’s unique “map” at any time to make adjustments. So, results can be even better the second or third time around!

For lasting confidence

The effects of Botox® are temporary. Maintenance treatments are necessary to keep your stunning yet natural appearance. You can prolong these results by taking good care of your skin, protecting it from ultraviolet damage, and using KRx Skin care. Improvement with Botox® can be seen within a few days. It is well-tolerated and low risk. We can discuss ways to minimize discomfort and side effects such as swelling and redness. These side effects are typically minor, subside quickly, and are limited to the injection sites.  

Botox for Neck Bands

Neck bands are prominence of the neck muscle or platysma sometimes seen in thinner necks as women age.  These muscles can be injected with Botox to relax and soften them, reducing the appearance of these bands.  The effect can often last 4 months or more.

Botox for Excessive Sweating

Botox can be injected in the armpit to help reduce nuisance sweating, in this instance it does not block muscle action but rather the action of the sweat gland.  The results can last up to 6 months.  Botox® may very well be right for you, as it has been right for many of our patients with aesthetic and other quality of life needs! Call Krueger Aesthetics at (425) 876-9999 with questions and to schedule a consultation at our office in Mukilteo, WA. Or, schedule a consultation any time of day or night from this website.