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Platelet rich plasma, PRP, is our most natural filler/stimulant

With continued advances in the medical field of aesthetics, there are more ways than ever to address a wide range of cosmetic concerns. We use PRP in the undereye area with excellent results.  It is low risk compared to fillers in this area.  We can also mix it with Radiesse for a combined impact on the neck. Dr. Ronald Krueger and his team at Krueger Aesthetics in Mukilteo, Washington, work alongside patients to help them decide if solutions such as PRP treatment can help.

What are PRP injections?

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy is a specialized treatment that uses the patient’s blood to help as a natural filler and dermal stimulator. PRP is obtained by taking a fresh sample of a patient’s blood and then spinning it through a centrifuge to separate the platelets. These platelets are harvested and then injected into areas of the face, where they release growth factors. 

How do I find out if I’m a good candidate?

If you are considering platelet rich plasma, PRP, it is important to consult with a qualified healthcare provider such as Dr. Ronald Krueger, who has experience in this treatment. He will be able to assess your case and determine if PRP therapy is right for you.

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