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Using chemical peels for facial enhancement

At Krueger Aesthetics of Mukilteo, Washington, Dr. Ronald Krueger and his team believe patients should have a variety of choices regarding the rejuvenation of their appearance. Many of our patients love how chemical peels can effectively stimulate skin cell turnover to improve the skin’s overall texture and tone.

What are chemical peels?

Chemical peels are a treatment in which an acid solution is applied to the skin to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. This can help to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and other blemishes. Dr. Krueger is excited to offer this treatment for patients who need to address several skin imperfections with a single treatment.

What types of chemical peels are available?

There are different varieties of chemical peels, which vary in strength. The type of peel right for you will depend on your goals and skin type. A stronger peel may be required to achieve desired results on certain skin types, though it can be deeper and require more downtime than a more superficial peel. Our team can walk you through the various options and make recommendations based on your desires.

What are the side effects and complications that can arise from chemical peels?

The most common side effects of chemical peels are temporary redness and swelling of the treated area. More severe side effects are rare but might include scarring and changes in skin color. During a consultation visit with our team, we can talk about the risks and complications that may occur, though many patients don’t experience much outside of the aftereffects common during the replacement of skin cells.

How do I find out more about chemical peels?

If you are considering a chemical peel for skin rejuvenation, be sure to consult with our skin care professionals to determine if this treatment is proper for you. Contact the front office team at Krueger Aesthetics to schedule a consultation visit at 828 2nd Street by calling (425) 876-9999 today! Dr. Ronald Krueger and his team are pleased to assist new and returning patients in the area of Mukilteo, WA, and beyond!