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Look forward to brighter days by treating reminders of past illnesses, injuries … scars!

At Krueger Aesthetics in Mukilteo, Washington, we appreciate that scars can be painful reminders of everything from past acne outbreaks and illnesses to traumatic accidents and past surgical procedures. Led by the pioneering double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ronald A. Krueger, our team has an array of options to effectively, safely, and painlessly improve the appearance of scars, including in hard-to-miss areas of the face. In doing so, we transform our patients’ lives by renewing their confidence. They look forward, instead of back, with a brighter outlook on the future. 

About scars 

What we know as scarring is actually your body’s response to past injuries. As a wound heals, the production of firming proteins such as collagen is triggered. This process is not without its flaws; as a result, the tissue at the site of the wound or injury may appear different from the surrounding tissues. Scars vary in terms of color, depth, texture, and shape. To effectively diminish the appearance of the scar, we must first understand the type of scar that is present. 

Scars may generally be depressed and appear as pitted areas. These scars require additional volume and plumping to even out the skin’s surface. Alternately, raised or elevated scars require the opposite; they do not need any more volume as their peaks, lumps, and bumps stand out from the rest of the skin. 


We also account for the location of the scar when recommending appropriate treatment options and techniques. Depending on the texture, size, area, color, shape, and other characteristics, the following options may be suggested to reveal skin that you are proud to “live in”:

  • Shave excisions to “level” the scar
  • Skin grafting 
  • Noninvasive laser-assisted therapies 
  • CO2 laser resurfacing 
  • Resurfacing with chemical peels
  • Dermal fillers to “fill in” depressed areas
  • Medications and medical-grade products

Due to our considerable expertise and demonstrated track record of innovative approaches and techniques, Krueger Aesthetics further supports your comfort, safety, and optimal treatment outcomes at every step in the process. For instance, individuals throughout the greater Seattle, WA, area benefit from our use of versatile, hassle-free relaxing oral sedation and our highly conservative and precision surgical techniques. Since not all scarring is the same, it is essential to call us today at (425) 876-9999 to schedule your skin evaluation. Renewed health, well-being, and confidence await at our office in Mukilteo!