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Laser Skin Treatments

Dr. Ronald A. Krueger, M.D.

In our office, we use various types of lasers.

dates back to his days as a laser instructor at the University of Minnesota in 1993.

Dr. Krueger's interest in and experience with lasers

makes it ideal for treating red or dark brown lesions.

This simple treatment requires no topical anesthetic and only a cooling gel for patient comfort.

The KTP laser's wavelength of 532 nm

This laser uses fractionated technology to create thousands of tiny "holes" in the skin,

allowing younger skin regrowth, collagen deposition, and pigment reduction.

Dr. Krueger considers CO2 the best value for treating aging facial skin.

This causes thousands of microscopic holes in the skin, which heal to reveal healthier, younger skin

with less pigment. This simple process takes about 30 minutes.

Clear and Brilliant is our newest laser, and it uses fractionated technology.

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